Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ross University


Photo Tour

"The Barn" 
Students study here

Our Favorite Corner Store

Looking down the street going towards campus

Principal Mary Grogan
Fellow Canadian with impressive credentials

Mrs Mary
Christian's Dayschool Teacher

Beautiful Flowers

Cell phone store, Taxi place, and D's flowers and gifts

Tennis Courts where Jonah and Micah take tennis lessons

Awesome playground

The School

Canadian Bank and restaurants

Mango Tree

Subway Deck where most families eat lunch on campus
It overlooks the Sea

Rainy day at the beach
Still fun..... Still hot....

Waterfront cottages where the cast stayed

I spotted a little "pot gut"

Taking a bath in the sink

Happy times...

Another beautiful flower

Looking off our front porch

The Gym on Campus bottom floor of the Campus Activity Center or C.A.C.

Muddy Water after it rained for a few days

Just a massive pile of dishes accumulated in one night 
Is this normal?

45 minutes later...

Inside the C.A.C. 3rd floor 
This is where families enjoy the free AC

Micah enjoying a Sea Bath

Christian enjoying a sorbet at Che's Ice Cream Parlor
No milk for me!

When there good, they are really really good......
Wanted to read all by themselves

Scripture Power!!

Just walking to school
Action Shot

The Street outside main gates looking at James Store

Earings made locally

Once upon a time there was a teeny tiny fridge and a teeny tiny stove...

Our kitchen

Our front room

Watch out for Sasquatch in the background

El Estudent in the new Japanese Restaurant

The C.A.C

9ish flights of stairs on campus leading to the C.A.C.

Happy little angel boy

Mr Sand Man

Steps leading down to the water from the school

Soooo Big

The view from the beach in the chair you need to be sitting in...


  1. So cool guys! Looks like an amazing adventure. Enjoy the beach and all the fun island life brings. We think about you often and will look forward to more posts. Love, The Howes

  2. Yay! Love this blog. Such fun pictures, the adventures of the vanpirates love it! Love you all, Ganes family!

  3. Ohh! I would looooove to be sitting in that beach chair right now. I loved all of the pictures. It is so nice to see what your world is like right now. How is school going for Jared? It is crazy?

  4. Ahh, these pics almost made me cry, it looks so similar to life in St. Maarten while in med school. I hope you are enjoying island life, adjusting to the changes quickly and enjoying the slowwwer pace of life. Treasure your time here, it will go by so quickly!!

  5. I loved this post so much!! You're living a dream life!! Keep the pictures coming, we love seeing them!! Miss you guys. Take care.